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Welcome to the start of a new you! Schrickel Health has been the trusted source for chiropractic treatment and relief for patients of all ages in the Ohio Valley since 1964

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How we do it

Outstanding Chiropractic Medical Care

At Schrickel Health and Wellness Center, YOU are our focus! Whether you are experiencing neck or back
pain or are interested in taking proactive steps in maintaining your health, we are here to help. Your
treatment plan is tailored to your individual needs. Together, we will get you back to moving pain-free.


Experience Relief

Relief starts with trust, care, and a modern approach to your health. At Schrickel Health and Wellness, we take pride in doing what's right for you and your health.

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What WE Do

Our Treatments in Steubenville

Chiropractic Care Delivering Relief and Pain Management in Steubenville and Weirton…
We are conveniently located in Wintersville, Ohio and just minutes from US route 22.

Chiropractic Care

Comprehensive, whole-body, drug-free approach to improved function and movement for your most precious commodity, your body.

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Relieve your pain with non-invasive, drug free methods and restoring your body to pre-injury status. Improve posture, range of motion and fix the source of your problem.

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Workplace Injuries

    Get back to your livelihood. Flexible scheduling, same day appointments and help with workers compensation claims to get you back to work as quickly as possible.

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Auto Accidents

Patients who receive chiropractic care following an auto accident recover naturally without the use of pain medications. We accept personal injury claims.

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Personal Injury

Things happen, and we can help. When you suffer any personal injury, let our experienced team provide you with a care plan that is designed with your health in mind.

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Pediatric Care

Infants and children can reap benefits from chiropractic care to help keep their immune system strong and to help their young bodies grow healthy and strong.

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Customized Treatmeant & Therapy

Schrickel Health & Wellness Center understands that each person’s problems are unique. We customize your treatment to make sure that you receive the care that is appropriate for your condition. We also offer appointment flexibility to better accommodate your schedule.

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We Specialize in Your Health
Specialized Treatments

Our office is totally equipped to give our patients a wide range of services.


Our modern on site digital X-ray machine allows us to see your radiographs instantly.

Headaches & Migraine Therapy

Many headaches are caused by the dysfunction of the joints and muscles in your neck. We can help!

Athletic Performance

A more perfectly functioning spine equates to better performance and a faster recovery.

Back & Neck Pain

Back and neck pain are two of the most common conditions that we help our patients with.

Spinal Decrompression

Our two spinal decompression machines reduce discomfort and promote healing through taking pressure off you neck and back.

It's easier than you think

Scheduling with Schrickel Health

Schrickel Health & Wellness Center accepts all major credit cards, as well as Medicare and Medicaid. Dr. Thad Schrickel and Dr. Jordan Rozich at the Schrickel Health and Wellness Center work with workers’ compensation claims and personal injury and automobile accident claims. Give us a call at (740) 264-6235 to schedule an appointment.

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