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What is Plantar fasciitis?

March 31, 2023

What is Plantar Fasciitis?

The plantar fascia is a flat sheet of connective tissue that connects your heel to your toes and functions to support the arch of your foot. This fascia can become inflamed and irritated and can be very painful. The pain can occur on your heel or in the main arch on the bottom of your foot. It is often worse in the morning and after periods of rest. Stretching your plantar fascia by bringing your foot and toes up towards your shin (this motion is called dorsiflexion) is often alleviating.

Patients with plantar fasciitis often have tight calves and stiff joints in their feet that prevent dorsiflexion. After an examination at our office, there are a number of treatment options we may consider if we diagnose you with plantar fasciitis. Treatment options may include: stretching your calf, adjusting your feet, massaging and stretching the fascia, and applying kinesiology tape. 

A great at-home stretch that you can do to help alleviate your discomfort is to stretch your calf. A tight calf makes the plantar fascia tighter. By making your calf less tight, you will reduce the tension on the plantar fascia. This stretch also puts your foot in a position that minimizes the chances of your joints getting stiff and locked up. You can also use a ball, such as a tennis or rubber ball, to gently massage the bottom of your foot. Wearing supportive footwear, both when going out and at home, can take stress away from the fascia. There are also specific orthotics for plantar fasciitis that can be purchased either over the counter or custom made for your foot.

Plantar fasciitis can be very painful and last a long time for many individuals. To resolve this condition, a combination of all the recommendations above needs to be taken. These recommendations should be followed during and well beyond the painful phase. Like many conditions, the earlier you address the condition, the greater the likelihood of resolving the issue quicker.


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