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Should you be taking vitamins?

October 10, 2022

Should you be taking vitamins?

In a perfect world, everyone would attain all the vitamins and minerals they need through their diet. But unfortunately, the standard American diet (or SAD) does not provide the necessary quantity of vitamins and minerals needed. The standard American diet also leads to the gut not being able to digest and absorb properly. The best solution would be to improve your diet, perhaps to a Mediterranean or keto diet, but often this is very challenging and takes time to develop these changes. This is where vitamins come in. Vitamin recommendations should be individualized, depending on the person's needs and goals. However, there are four supplements that most people should be taking in order to improve overall health.

  1. Fish oil: Fish oil contains omega 3 polyunsaturated fatty acids that are anti-inflammatory, improve risk factors for heart disease, improve mental health, and are effective in lessening arthritic symptoms to name a few. The standard American diet typically consists of an omega 6 to omega 3 ratio of 25:1, and this ratio should be approx. 1:1. If you are not eating wild caught fish at least 2x/week, then you are likely deficient in omega 3 fatty acids and should consider taking a fish oil supplement.
  2. Multivitamin: Multivitamins are great at filling gaps in our nutrition and providing our bodies with the nutrients needed for the regulation of our bodily processes. Multivitamins support overall body health.
  3. Probiotics: With a standard American diet, dysbiosis within the gut is all too common. This is problematic because it is the gut that is responsible for absorbing all of the nutrients our body needs. The gut is also estimated to be responsible for 80% of our immune system. A good probiotic will have billions of colonies. Anyone taking antibiotics should also consider taking a probiotic. The goal of an antibiotic is to kill harmful bacteria. However, these drugs are non-selective and end up killing beneficial bacteria as well.
  4. Vitamin D: Our bodies synthesize vitamin D through sun exposure. 15 min of sun exposure 2-3 times per week between the hours of 10:00am and 3:00pm is enough exposure for fair skinned individuals. Are you getting enough? Vitamin D is vital for absorbing calcium and the health of your bones and teeth. If you decide to take a vitamin D supplement, make sure it is D3, which is cholecalciferol.

Again, what vitamins you choose to take should complement your goals. It is always wise to consult a medical professional, particularly to see if you are currently on any medications that might interact with supplements. For many people, the 4 supplements discussed accompanied with dietary improvements will greatly improve overall health.‍


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