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Sports Chiropractic Care

Faster Recovery. Improved Performance. Prevent Injuries.

Sports Fitness & Care

Athletes of all sports need to have a perfectly functioning spine to perform to their fullest potential. In addition to the spine, the joints in the extremities will also benefit from our adjustments, stretches, exercises, and therapies.

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Benefits of the Chiropractic care for athletes

  1. Reduced pain
  2. Faster recovery
  3. Improved performance
  4. Improved range of motion
  5. Improved flexibility
  6. Injury Prevention

Benefits of shockwave therapy

  1. Release of trigger points
  2. Dissolution of calcified fibroblasts
  3. New blood vessel formation
  4. Reversal of chronic inflammation
  5. Stimulation of collagen production
  6. Non-invasive treatment
  7. Relatively cheap
  8. Improves blood circulation
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